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We welcome the following exhibitors to our 9th annual conference. Be sure to stop by and learn more about the great products and services these companies provide in support of the work you do. 

Interested in opportunities for joining our Exhibition Hall? Contact Candice Lastimado for details. 

Below are our committed exhibitors for 2023 with more to follow!



Our confirmed 2022 Exhibitors are listed here!
Make sure you stop by their tables and hear about their new products and innovative tools they have rolled out. 
Without the support of our Exhibitors and Sponsors, we would not be able to continue to offer our conference at no cost to attendees.

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"FAST FORENSIC IMAGING, EVEN WITH DAMAGED DRIVES! Get more digital evidence faster with INSIGHT FORENSIC AND TASKFORCE FORENSIC IMAGERS. The first and only forensic data acquisition tools that can get data from both good and even damaged hard drives and they are one-button simple to use. Even powerful diagnostics, ATA password cracking and reports are one-button automated. Visit us for a demonstration to see why Government, Military and Law Enforcement digital forensic professionals around the world rely on Atola Technology Forensic Imagers for their most important work.”



A Passion for Results. We make digital forensic software for iOS/Android smartphones, computers and devices to help solve investigations in the lab, in the field or on-scene quickly with files and artifacts presented in a clear timeline view.

ADF Solutions is the market leader in media exploitation and digital forensic tools used for scanning computers, external drives, drive images, logical acquisitions of smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), and other media storage (USB flash drives, memory cards etc.). ADF forensic tools are designed for accuracy, speed, ease-of-use and scalability. These proven tools are actively used by field operatives and in forensic labs in corporations, defense, intelligence, law enforcement, border security, and government agencies worldwide.

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The name “SUMURI” is an old Tagalog word which can be interpreted as “to investigate” or “analyze”.

The heart of SUMURI consists of simple core values that should exist in any company such as ours but is hard to find in today’s business models. Core values such as honor, integrity, loyalty, positive attitude, dedication and most important above all – altruism. Altruism – the desire to help, serve and care for others first before yourself. Many companies may start out with values such as these but they are quickly forgotten as time goes on. Too many times we have seen companies grow larger and forget about the customer who they are serving.

SUMURI realizes that you are what is most important about what we do as a company. You are the reason we exist and our unparalleled commitment is to make sure you are provided with the best training, products and service that we can bestow. We don’t want you to become just a number in a database or list. We want you to become part of our family.



BitMindz was founded in 2018 to provide law enforcement, military, government, and corporate entities with enterprise-class workstations, processing, decryption engines, and other hardware solutions. Our products are crafted with cutting-edge technology to deliver the fastest, most reliable systems in the marketplace.  We pride ourselves on offering superior customized hardware at affordable prices with the support you expect and deserve. We constantly strive to innovate and lead the industry in technological advancements, often releasing groundbreaking hardware and designs to support the forensic community faster than any other hardware on the market.

Visit our website at



Since 2006, our mission at Teel Technologies is to provide the best tools, training and services for professionals tasked with investigating mobile devices and digital media. We focus on the total lab establishment, training in all skill levels, as well as applying our extensive experience and expertise in our services offering. This allows us to provide a comprehensive approach to all clients to meet their specific requirements.



Since 2001 Paraben has been a foundation in solutions for mobile devices, smartphones, email, hard drives, and gaming system forensics. Paraben has been forging ahead to develop new approaches for dealing with digital evidence. Paraben’s focus on mobility led to many other areas of innovation including the research and development into the Internet of Things (IoT) with the Forensics of EverythingTM (FoE). Paraben supports logical and physical images with mobile devices and 100% of the smartphones on the market. In addition, Paraben can add to an existing arsenal with specialized tools for unique data such as network email servers, local email archives, internet related data, and gaming systems. Paraben provides software with a unified vision and interface for dealing with all types of digital data. From start to finish Paraben offers solutions that can build new capabilities into any digital investigation.

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At Silicon Forensics, customers trust us to deliver solutions that allow them to accelerate data acquisition and data processing. Our SiForce products enable investigators to increase efficiency and lower operational costs by streamlining processing speed during digital investigations. Our customer-centric approach includes customer-driven innovations, which allows us to address the technological challenges our clients encounter with intelligent solutions.

Today Silicon Forensics is a leader in the digital forensic hardware industry, delivering innovative solutions to the Law Enforcement Community, Corporate Information Security Sectors and U.S. Government Agencies.



Grayshift is focused on building product-based solutions for law enforcement, public safety, and national defense designed to gain lawful access to encrypted devices. Advancement in strong encryption remains a significant hurdle for law enforcement. Grayshift’s GrayKey is the market leading iOS forensic access technology in use today.

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