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Since being founded in December 2013, we've gathered the world's experts in extraction operations and in anti-child trafficking efforts to bring an end to child slavery. O.U.R.'s Ops Team consists of former CIA, past and current law enforcement, and highly skilled operatives that lead coordinated identification and extraction efforts. These operations are always in conjunction with law enforcement throughout the world.

Once victims are rescued, a comprehensive process involving justice for the perpetrators and recovery and rehabilitation for the survivors begins.

It is time for private citizens and organizations to rise up and help. It is our duty as a free and blessed people.

"We exist to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation." 

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MSAB is the global leader in mobile forensic technology used by examiners and investigators to extract, decode and analyze data from mobile devices.  Our products – XRY, XAMN and XEC -- are used by law enforcement, security, defense and intelligence agencies in more than 140 countries.  We support more than 29,944 mobile device & app profiles and that total grows monthly.  We work tirelessly to update and improve our products so that users can make the world a safer place.

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Digital data plays an increasingly important role in investigations and operations of all kinds. Making data accessible, collaborative and actionable is what Cellebrite does best. As the global leader in digital intelligence with more than 60,000 licenses deployed in 150 countries, we provide law enforcement, military and intelligence, and enterprise customers with the most complete, industry-proven range of solutions for digital forensics, triage and analytics.

By enabling access, sharing and analysis of digital data from mobile devices, social media, cloud, computer and other sources, Cellebrite products, solutions, services and training help customers build the strongest cases quickly, even in the most complex situations. As a result, Cellebrite is the preferred one-stop shop for digital intelligence solutions that make a safer world more possible every day.

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Magnet Forensics is a global leader in the development of digital investigation software that acquires, analyzes and shares evidence from smartphones, computers, IoT related devices, and the Cloud.

Magnet Forensics has been helping law enforcement fight crime, protect assets and guard national security since 2011. Magnet Forensics has become a trusted partner for thousands of the world’s top law enforcement, government, military and corporate organizations in over 92 countries. Court-admissible evidence recovered by Magnet Forensics tools has been used to support a wide-variety of investigations including cybercrimes, child exploitation, terrorism, human resource disputes, fraud, and intellectual property theft.

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The name “SUMURI” is an old Tagalog word which can be interpreted as “to investigate” or “analyze”.

The heart of SUMURI consists of simple core values that should exist in any company such as ours but is hard to find in today’s business models. Core values such as honor, integrity, loyalty, positive attitude, dedication and most important above all – altruism. Altruism – the desire to help, serve and care for others first before yourself. Many companies may start out with values such as these but they are quickly forgotten as time goes on. Too many times we have seen companies grow larger and forget about the customer who they are serving.

SUMURI realizes that you are what is most important about what we do as a company. You are the reason we exist and our unparalleled commitment is to make sure you are provided with the best training, products and service that we can bestow. We don’t want you to become just a number in a database or list. We want you to become part of our family.



DME Forensics is an innovative technology and services company focused on providing digital and multimedia evidence solutions to the criminal and civil justice communities.

With the continuous advancement in video surveillance technology, individuals and businesses are leveraging this technology at a tremendous rate. While this provides a wealth of new evidence and resources to investigators, it has created a burden on those required to retrieve that evidence.

Our technologies are designed to help investigators quickly and easily retrieve and preserve critical video evidence in a forensically sound manner. By using our proprietary knowledge and technology, investigators are able to recover evidence that otherwise may never be recovered.



The iNPUT-ACE software is a powerful workflow engine for police investigators that helps streamline the analysis and processing of video evidence for legal matters. Developed in the United States, iNPUT-ACE was tested and validated by over 60 law enforcement forensic video professionals who helped grow the software into what it is today. iNPUT-ACE’s simple drag-and-drop interface allows investigators, attorneys, and forensic video analysts to manage their video related casework in a streamlined and forensically sound manner.



“PassMark Software® is a privately-owned software development group with offices in Sydney Australia and Silicon Valley California.  PassMark specializes in the in-house development of high quality, performance-based software solutions such as their premier digital forensics toolkit, OSForensics.  OSForensics is an incredibly powerful, fast and easy to use computer forensic and triage software that offers users the first straightforward, affordable solution that is designed to handle all elements of today’s digital investigations (Forensics + Triage).  Whether you’re looking to outfit a single investigator, your forensics lab, or an entire state’s ICAC task force, we have an affordable licensing model to fit every budget and every need.  Request your free trial today and see firsthand why investigators around the world are making the switch to OSF and not looking back. OSForensics…Digital investigation for a new era. “



Since 1988, NITV Federal Services has been the leading provider of Computer Voice Stress Analysis technology. Our core product is our patented CVSA®II with FACT®. This latest advancement in truth verification is only available through NITV and is backed by our comprehensive warranty. NITV’s expert staff welcomes our valued clients and looks forward to providing law enforcement agencies or individuals with a virtual tour of our products, services, and educational opportunities.



Digital Intelligence is a privately held company based in the State of Wisconsin, USA. Digital Intelligence was founded in 1999 with the mission of serving the computer forensics community. Today we offer a full array of products, forensic and e-discovery consulting services and training. Our customers include law enforcement, government agencies, corporations and law firms worldwide.



DeliverFund is a nonprofit intelligence organization dedicated to combatting human trafficking. We have decades of experience from our careers in the  CIA, NSA, Special Operations, and law enforcement, and we leverage cutting-edge technology into the ultimate weapon against human trafficking.



Since 2006, our mission at Teel Technologies is to provide the best tools, training and services for professionals tasked with investigating mobile devices and digital media. We focus on the total lab establishment, training in all skill levels, as well as applying our extensive experience and expertise in our services offering. This allows us to provide a comprehensive approach to all clients to meet their specific requirements.



BitMindz was founded in 2018 in an effort to provide military, law enforcement, government, and corporate entities the highest quality processing engines, forensic computers, and hardware. We are the innovators in the forensic computer and processing engine marketplace as we are constantly engineering, designing, and testing the latest in computer technology. We translate this research into the sheer processing power of our systems.  We pride ourselves in offering standard and customized systems at affordable prices to better serve our heroes of the forensic community.



Oxygen Forensics was founded in 2000 as a PC-to-Mobile Communication software company. This experience and longevity has allowed our team of mobile device experts to become the leader mobile device communication protocols and investigation.

With this knowledge, we have built innovative techniques and capabilities into our Oxygen Forensic® Detective solution. These unique abilities allow our users to access much more critical information than competing forensic analysis tools. We offer the most advanced forensic data examination solution for mobile devices, supporting the widest range of mobile devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and many others.

Unlike others tool providers, when we say mobile devices we don't just mean mobile phones. We mean virtually any device that runs on a mobile operating system as stated above. This includes phones and tablets - but also drones, digital cameras, and more on the way!!! Simply put, we offer the most advanced forensic data examination solution for mobile devices; including the cloud services that run on those devices such as Samsung Cloud, Google Cloud, and others. This allows the data in over ~40 cloud applications such as SnapChat, FaceBook, Twitter, .... to be extracted using Oxygen Forensic® Detective.

Oxygen Forensic® products have been successfully used in more than 100 countries across the globe including the USA, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Finland, Australia, China, Singapore, Brazil, etc. Our customers include various US and European federal and state agencies, such as the IRS, US Army, FBI, US Department of Defense (DOD), US Department of Justice, US Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Transportation, US Postal Service, US Supreme Court, European Commission, Interpol, London Metropolitan Police, French National Police and Gendarmerie, German Federal Criminal Police Office, Italian Financial Guard, Spanish Civil Guard, Hong Kong Customs as well as Big Four companies, like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, Deloitte and many others.



Grayshift is focused on building product-based solutions for law enforcement, public safety, and national defense designed to gain lawful access to encrypted devices. Advancement in strong encryption remains a significant hurdle for law enforcement. Grayshift’s GrayKey is the market leading iOS forensic access technology in use today.

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At Silicon Forensics, customers trust us to deliver solutions that allow them to accelerate data acquisition and data processing. Our SiForce products enable investigators to increase efficiency and lower operational costs by streamlining processing speed during digital investigations. Our customer-centric approach includes customer-driven innovations, which allows us to address the technological challenges our clients encounter with intelligent solutions.

Today Silicon Forensics is a leader in the digital forensic hardware industry, delivering innovative solutions to the Law Enforcement Community, Corporate Information Security Sectors and U.S. Government Agencies.



A Passion for Results. We make digital forensic software for iOS/Android smartphones, computers and devices to help solve investigations in the lab, in the field or on-scene quickly with files and artifacts presented in a clear timeline view.

ADF Solutions is the market leader in media exploitation and digital forensic tools used for scanning computers, external drives, drive images, logical acquisitions of smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), and other media storage (USB flash drives, memory cards etc.). ADF forensic tools are designed for accuracy, speed, ease-of-use and scalability. These proven tools are actively used by field operatives and in forensic labs in corporations, defense, intelligence, law enforcement, border security, and government agencies worldwide.



Ace Computers is a 38-Year old SI providing the FINEST Deskside/Portable_Forensic Workstations. We also provide full field kits, datacenters and are THE leader in password cracking appliances. We hold NASA SEWP_V, Air Force CCS2 and 2GIT, Army ADMC3, plus GSA Schedule 70 contracts for federal and NASPO ValuePoint Contract for State/Local customers.



T3K LEAP and CORE – Automated, Fast and Accurate CSAM Detection

T3K-Forensics brings artificial intelligence to digital forensics, developing unique AI solutions for automated analysis of mass data, to help simplify and speed up digital forensic investigations.

With a fingerprinting technology that only utilizes a standard smartphone camera, we also set out to make identification and identity verification smarter and easier.

LEAP, our Law Enforcement Analytical Platform, which provides high-speed, automated analytical analysis and reporting of forensic images of mobile devices such as smartphones, as well as of other seized digital data, saves considerable time and resources in critical situations and improves investigative quality. LEAP uses neuronal networks for robust object recognition of pictures and videos, which makes it an easy and quick tool used for fighting crimes against children. Supplemented with Watchlists, Facial Age Estimation, Audio Analysis and 10 Sub-Classes, LEAP’s CSAM detection is one of its kind!

We have launched our new powerful analysis tool CORE in 2020. CORE can be integrated with existing Forensic toolkits, as well as into Cloud or other hosting platforms, and internal networks, where it scans and flags illicit contents, with unmatched throughput rates and accuracy. CORE uses the same CSAM Classifiers as LEAP, but is even more flexible in integration, which makes it an ideal tool to be used in review processes of large amounts of media content, in real time, across hundreds of thousands of files a day.

The detection of CSAM is one of the biggest priorities of T3K, so we set out to build the best solution, customized and suitable for each customer’s particular needs.



Skopenow works with a handful of the top law enforcement personnel across the country to automate the search, collection, and analysis of their open source investigations. We help find and archive online personas, flag behaviors, and uncover hidden links between multiple parties. With a single click, investigators can utilize this information to create a court-ready report, this is all done completely anonymously. Compared to other investigative solutions, Skopenow provides entire datasets, not just links and references to your subject.

For more information, please visit us at www.skopenow.com or contact us at sales@skopenow.com



The EDAS FOX is hands down the absolute best value for the processing power in the forensic market. The EDAS FOX was designed to bring the most powerful forensic platform to all professional forensic investigators. The system is designed to be user friendly so that anyone can learn the system with a minimal amount of training. You can choose to change the forensic package and use your own or switch to one of the other fine offerings available. The EDAS FOX systems also come with a demo license of our Data Analysis Reporting Tool kit (DART), so you are ready to analyze cell phone case evidence faster and easier without spending hours and hours hand sorting the critical information.

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Cobwebs Technologies is a global leader in Web Intelligence. Our innovative solutions are tailored to operational needs of law enforcement and national security agencies, identifying threats with just one click. Automating intelligence collection from big data using the latest machine learning algorithms and generating intelligent insights.

Cobwebs Technologies is a global leader in Web Intelligence. Our innovative solutions are tailored to operational needs of law enforcement and national security agencies, identifying threats with just one click. Automating intelligence collection using the latest machine learning algorithms and generating intelligent insights.



Belkasoft is a global leader in digital forensics technology, known for their comprehensive forensic tools. Belkasoft focuses on creating technologically advanced yet easy-to-use products: making investigation work easier, faster, and more effective.

Belkasoft recently introduced its flagship product, Belkasoft X—an integrated solution for collecting and analyzing digital evidence from mobile and computer devices. Customers in 130+ countries use Belkasoft products to fight homicide, crimes against children, drug trafficking, data leakage, fraud, and online crimes.



Truxton is an automated forensics platform that allows users to ingest large volumes of media from disparate data sources to provide automated analysis and visualization in the field. Once data is loaded into Truxton, users have an aggregated view of all data in a single repository, which allows important artifacts from disk drives, mobile devices, IoT, USB drives, drones/SD cards, and cloud accounts to be analyzed simultaneously, bubbling important correlations and watchlist entities into visual, easy-to-understand,
consolidated timelines and reports.

Truxton can be run completely in a cloud, hybrid, or field environment, and leverage MicroSoft Azure's cognitive services capabilities as part of our automated process.



WarrantBuilder.com is the automated search warrant writing system that makes NCMEC CyberTip investigations a snap!  Designed with the ICAC Investigator in mind, Warrant Builder helps you craft search warrants for over 250 companies, services, and situations from Amazon to Zelle.  Create your warrant, in your current format, from anywhere in minutes.  Reduce your exposure to harmful images with the Warrant Builder Description Database.  It automatically adds the description to your warrant when a known image is encountered.

Stop searching for a search warrant, trust WarrantBuilder.com



Case Closed Software™ provides a FREE software tool for ICAC and Anti-Human Trafficking units to quickly and effectively triage and prioritize CyberTips. With dozens (or hundreds) of tips coming in to your task force daily, the time-consuming process of unzipping files, reviewing PDF documents, checking IP addresses, locating usernames, and verifying CSAM is brutal. Case Closed Software has changed all of that.

The fact is, many CyberTips are not actionable and should be prioritized accordingly. Many are VERY actionable, though, and fast actions can save a child from further harm. Case Closed Software™ has patent-pending investigation management software for ICAC and Anti-Human Trafficking task forces that allows users to quickly process zip files into our purpose-built, secure Microsoft database for easy triage! In other words, users will know quickly if a CyberTip warrants precious resources.

Case Closed Software also develops a leading end-to-end investigation case management platform for ICAC and Human Trafficking units. Our commercial offering is available at an additional fee and includes dozens of unique and powerful features. Visit https://www.caseclosedsoftware.com/icac for more information!

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Cyan Forensics offers a new generation of rapid digital triage tools to enable law enforcement to search suspect’s devices for evidence of child abuse or terrorist activity in just minutes.

From on-scene examination to offender management, the tools digitally enable frontline law enforcement, empowers quick decisions, reduces risk and eliminates backlog. Newly launched for 2021 are Cyan Mobile Triage with DATAPILOT 10, combining all the features of DATAPILOT 10 with Cyan Forensics’ rapid digital triage technology, and Cyan Offender Manager, a dedicated and bespoke tool to manage offenders released back into the community.

At its core, Cyan’s technology has inherently secure Contraband Filter technology, which when applied to existing national databases of illegal material, can be used for detection.

Described by the UK Government as “game-changing” tech, Cyan Forensics’ tools were also assessed by National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) as “working well to quickly and effectively identify child sexual abuse materials”.

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"FAST FORENSIC IMAGING, EVEN WITH DAMAGED DRIVES! Get more digital evidence faster with INSIGHT FORENSIC AND TASKFORCE FORENSIC IMAGERS. The first and only forensic data acquisition tools that can get data from both good and even damaged hard drives and they are one-button simple to use. Even powerful diagnostics, ATA password cracking and reports are one-button automated. Visit us for a demonstration to see why Government, Military and Law Enforcement digital forensic professionals around the world rely on Atola Technology Forensic Imagers for their most important work.”

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Connecting Data To Power Wise Decisions: 

Whooster helps clients find – Who, What and Where and to analyze the relationships between them.

Whooster delivers reliable real-time accurate current and historical U.S. and International Person – Phone – Criminal – Court – Assets – MVR - Business and License data of individuals and businesses.

Whooster leverages data fusion technology with public and private data sources to get reliable and fresh information to our clients in Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies, Government, and private sector clients - (Insurance - Financial Institutions - Legal - Risk Management & Compliance - Healthcare - Recovery).

The OWL Intelligence Platform is a SaaS and Enterprise Data Visualization and Analytical Platform to not only access Whooster data but also links, matches and scores data from any other data source or proprietary data housed in in-house databases, applications or third-party case management or record management systems.

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We create solutions for investigators to identify, acquire, and analyze critical information stored within vehicle systems allowing them to uncover key evidence to determine what happened, where it occurred, and who was involved.

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Voyager Labs, a world leader in advanced investigation solutions, empowers organizations worldwide to gain deep investigative insights about entities, individuals, groups, and topics. Our proprietary technology enables investigators to easily analyze massive amounts of intelligence information as well as open, deep, and dark web data, understand content and human interactions and find hidden or unknown connections and relationships.



PenLink provides state-of-the-art software and systems for the collection, storage, and analysis of telephonic and internet-based communications. For over 30 years, PenLink has supported law enforcement agencies at the state, local, and federal levels. PenLink is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, with satellite offices in Boulder, Colorado, and Washington D.C.